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 Today, treat yourself to something real!

Our products are lovingly crafted by the work of our hands: big & little ones working side-by-side to create a bright, natural future for ourselves and everyone we work with!


After years of successful business creating and selling our handcrafted goods through the online marketplace Etsy, we decided it was time to start our own independent shop. If you'd like to see the feedback from our etsy customers, please check out ThatFamilyShop.etsy and the FunnyFarmToyBarn.etsy. For more information about us, our shop and our process, click here!



Completely handmade, unique and personalized for your big day!

Our own recipes, family-tested every day.

A little of everything, both beautiful and practial, and guaranteed unique!

Hand-crocheted in all sizes and colors!

A large collection of everything fun, for the young and young of heart!

If you can imagine it, we can woodburn it.

Welcome to...? Claim your territory!

Equip yourself at the wooden armory!

A bit more season-specific.

Timeless classics and some new creations of our own design!

Special items for special customers are born here. :o)

Respectfully harvested in our pristine forests.

A family unites...

When we were little, our parents sacrificed a lot to get us out of the city and onto a small farm where we could enjoy life's simple pleasures, like milking goats, riding ponies and eating strawberries fresh and warm from the garden.

As we all became young adults, we decided we enjoyed our lifestyle so much that we just really wanted the opportunity to stay at home and work our (now slightly larger) homestead together as a family. This little shop offers us the opportunity to do just that!

Thatfamilyshop offers you natural, handmade gifts, toys and decor to grace your home and gift yourself or loved ones with some lovely real treats! ❤


Please enjoy your browse through our shop and share with any friends you think may enjoy it as well!